Still trying out other ways to keep this blog alive. And I do not only mean just keeping this alive but also you know catch up with other things that make me feel like a normal person. Charot! Di naman ako celebrity hahaha I mean when you blog, you kind of detach yourself from the world, from the outside and you start to ask yourself  whats up! Which we dont get to do these days because we are swamped with work, and after work we’re tired so we sleep and sleep a lot and if we were not asleep we talk to others or keep ourselves preoccupied with a TV series or food… we do not stop for ourselves. I mean when was the last time you stopped for yourself?






What’s the matter? life update

So remember the action plan I came up with to make up for days off doing nothing productive? Di nyo maalala? Okay lang. Hahahah

I had a tita session the other day with a good friend of mine (Ahem. Di ito bayad.)

So this friend arrived on our date looking fresh and glowing. Alam ko engaged na sya pero there must be something else she does that made her look like that. HAHAHA WALANG TIWALA SA KAIBIGAN! HAYOP.

So I cant help but compliment herr hanggat sa bumigay na sya…and she let me in a little secret


The major takeaway is in doing her routine whatever it is, she was able to tick off her micro objectives leading to the long-term ones like:

1. Eliminate make up products she can do without on a daily basis

2. Look au naturel / not fear going out without make up

3. Cut down make up product budget and overbudget lol. Engaged na si bakla so we cannot really ask her to spend spend spend kasi build build build family na sya after wedding. Chaz!

4. De-clutter and focus on the necessary

So more than having healthy looking skin even without makeup I’ve also been wanting to “de-clutter and focus on the necessary” in all aspects of life! I think I overthink a lot (hahaha di naman masyadong obvious feeling ko) So I am open to trying whatever ways that could get me to train my mind to not complicate things aka simplify and just pick up whatever is necessary. I believe everything hems in everything so whatever’s your approach to a challenge, problem or to your daily routine it will most likely be your reflex to anything as well big or small.

Throughout our conversation for a good 3 hours over brunch we noticed that  our  chikas left and right mainly revolved around and boiled down to focusing on the necessary and knowing what matters.

And that hit both of us hard.

Because at the end of the day we only use the products that matter in our make up kits.

At the end of the day we only update and go after people who really matter to us.

At the end of the day we only feel the achievements that mean something to us no matter how small.

At the end of the day we only pack the things that are worth the space in our bags when we travel and had to pack light.

At the end of the day we realize we almost always just wear this shirt.

At the end of the day we delete the tweets and emails that are unnecessary.

At the end of the day we wish we hadn’t spent the last bill to a dehumidifier from Daiso.

At the end of the day we only remember the memories that matter even if we unconsciously did not know they do.

Realizing this, and actually just hearing the phrase “know what matters” at the time almost gave us a eureka moment. It was as if we knew the answers to everything already parang ganon yung feeling.






So after that one brunch of reminding ourselves to know what matters, I went home happy and very conscious. This time my mind is like wired to filter every information and decision halting everything with “WAIT DOES THIS MATTER?”

every corner of the condo na matulala ako I run my eyes over the stuff and ask myself does everything in here matter? So I started filtering my makeup kit and my  everyday bag. I used to have 3 makeup kits: 1 I bring to work, the other 2 just stay at home pero upon checking I was able to downsize them to just a bag. A lala!

I gave away I think more than 8 lipsticks that I don’t use to my cousins na. I have untouched primers, foundations makeup brushes and all, most of them I buy out of impulse. LOL!

Even my everyday bag! Grabe super daming unnecessary things in my bag that weigh it down. If you’d think about it, if we do not regularly check our bags, our refrigerator even (lol nagdeclutter rin ako di ko na alam! haha) check our closets, CHECK ON EVEN THE BIG THINSG: check on our relationships, our career we wouldn’t know if we were collecting unnecessary baggage that counterbalances our intentions. Things, memories, decisions which wrongly influence our lives because we gave time, energy and focus to the things that do not matter. We gave the unnecessary baggage the power to weigh us down.

Going back to the day off action plan, I mentioned that I wanted to try going minimalist for a week and to be honest I was having a hard time starting because in my mind this was all just a challenge. But consciously deciding to de-clutter my physical space among many others is a step to going minimal eventually.

I guess that is what we can all look forward to in adulting (at least for me)-aside from quality friends whom you can come up with such a conversation, while our responsibilities are growing, our decision to cut down obstructions is also getting its calcium. We actually have a choice and a voice to say NO I DONT NEED YOU ANYMORE I THOUGHT I DID BUT YOU DONT MATTER NA PALA.

Adulting leads us to a life that matters. Because we have to

I am happy and less stressed to see that all I have in my space so far are just the things that matter to me. Every single thing in my bag matters to me. Walang tapon, every thing has a purpose.

Now I just have to keep asking the question DOES IT MATTER? IS THIS WORTH MY TIME, MY ENERGY AND MY RESOURCES? to keep a less-cluttered physical, mental, and emotional space. But there’s still a long way to go to fully embrace the decluttered life.

O I also cleared yung desktop and wallet ko. Cos sila yung usually neglected sa Sunday General Cleaning. Grabe I even found a letter from an ex circa 2014 and 1×1 photos of my hs blockmates??? NAPAKAWEIRD.


Daily Devotion: I am making everything new


Following my previous post where I talked about how I’ve been meaning to do daily devotion this time as I haven’t been hearing mass regularly since I started working in retail, Totoo talaga ‘yung retail slave as they  call it! I went over the internet to look for daily devotion kesa bumili ako ng book pero maybe sa payday. Charot.

Aside from my craving, I knew now is the best time to equip myself with encouraging words from none other than THE source of good news.

I demand much needed guidance throughout this training-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and this is the most accessible action plan so far.

I googled today’s devotion and came across Our Daily Bread website that gives out daily readings with sharing and insights.

Today’s reading highlights Revelation 21:5 that says “I am making everything new.” 

Uy grabe naman ‘yun! What an affirmation!

For perspective I woke up stressed today because of what happened at work yesterday. My subconscious is having anxiety attacks as I sleep. I was grinding my teeth.

My dreams were magnifying my insecurities. And you know how powerful the mind is? It can consume you so you really have to power through. You have to train yourself to control the mind.

I know there are times we all feel inadequate when faced with big responsibilities just like how I strongly think of myself right now but behold! Believe that the Lord is making everything new. Maybe we don’t feel it but you see He demands cooperation too. We can only fully experience the new things if we hand him the old ones that hinder us to enjoy our full potential because we are /as you all know/ meant for greater things.

So in my case I should let go of my fears and insecurities and be honest to myself and to God that these are the things that I wish to be anew. Kasi we really have to ask to be able to receive.

I should leave myself open and vulnerable so that the new things He prepares for me will have its well-deserved space to help me function the best way possible.

He does this every day as long as we let ourselves be free from what keeps us from experiencing something new; As long as we power through what keeps us low or what we think comfort us like our past mistakes, our fears, weaknesses, wrong companies/relationships etc…


Now I just feel more relaxed. I need to make conscious effort to keep this all throughout my training! Remember, He makes all things new. Just allow. Allow. 🙂